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How Getting Sick Saved My Life


You would think being diagnosed with a borderline mucinous ovarian tumour at just 20, would have been the push I needed to get healthy, but it wasn’t. The way I coped with stress, anxiety and emotions was to restrict my eating and up my exercise. The diagnosis, subsequent surgeries and frequent testing was too much for me to process and deal with. Instead I used the trusted bury my head in the sand and get on with it method. I spend the entire summer of 2007/08 having surgery and recovering and just two weeks after my second surgery I went back (more…)


Secret Ingredient Brownies


Public Service Announcement – whatever you do, do not, I repeat do NOT even think about making it. They are so delicious they should be illegal and it’s absolutely impossible to stop at just one.
If you do fall into the trap of making them at least you can feel good knowing they are egg, dairy, refined sugar, gluten and nut free Face screaming in fear

Any guesses what the secret ingredient is? Hint: it’s what makes them super creamy and soft


  • 150g quality dairy free dark chocolate
  • 105g medjool dates
  • 120g avocado
  • 60g coconut oil
  • 85g coconut milk
  • 20g coconut flour
  • 20g tapioca flour
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 tbsp 30g (more…)

The Truth – It’s Not Trendy but it’s Honest


Tonight I’m cutting the crap, I’m getting very raw and very honest in a way I never have before. I’m not just talking about in my blogging life I’m talking about in real life. For as long as I can remember I have fallen into the trap of saying the trendy “I used to have low self esteem, poor body image, I wasn’t eating enough, I wasn’t healthy” blah blah blah we’ve all heard it a million times, I’ve said it and written it myself a million times. But the real truth is I had an eating disorder. A very serious, (more…)


Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

We all know Mothers Day is around the corner, we’ve been hearing about it for ages but somehow it still always creeps up on me and next thing I know it’s Friday evening and I’ve got nothing! So in the off chance there are other amazing children or partners out there like me I thought I would give you the ultimate Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide.

You don’t need to worry about whether it will arrive in time or searching aimlessly through crowded shops. All you need to do is go online and choose a gift voucher to one of these amazing (more…)


Allergy Friendly Banana Bread 


When I was younger I always thought I was being so healthy opting for banana bread over something like chocolate cake but the reality is most store bought banana cakes are just as sugar laden as chocolate varieties. 
Despite this I’m totally obsessed with banana bread so on my quest to create a delicious and healthier version I experimented with egg, dairy, refined sugar and gluten alternatives. 
Instead of egg I have used chia eggs, almond milk instead of cows milk, rice malt syrup and coconut sugar instead of white sugar and almond meal instead of regular flour. 
The method below uses a thermomix (more…)

Nutty ‘No Bake’ Muesli Bars

Unknown copy


Who doesn’t love a muesli bar? They’re probably king of the snack food castle right? Only problem is they’re usually packed with sugar and all kinds of nasties to get them to stick and stay put. I’ve tried many, many times to make healthy muesli bars and it’s actually proven to be rather bloody difficult! Can you sense my frustration at these little suckers?

So after about a year and a bazillion batches I give you these! Hard yet chewy, sweet yet savory, absolutely no nasties and no baking required. That’s right they’re basically the holy grail of muesli bars (if I (more…)


What Did I Do Without Isofix?

What did I do without…Isofix

Car seat safety is one of those things I’m slightly (read: obsessively) worried about. I’m one of those let’s have my kids rear facing as long as possible and harnessed as long as possible people.
I was once told, before having Nyla, that you weren’t allowed to leave the hospital until a nurse had been down to check your car seat was correctly installed and I 100% believed this. Fast forward to the day we were being discharged from hospital and I’m getting the tiniest, most precious little person into their capsule on the ward waiting for (more…)


Harmony Day – Embracing Our Cultural Diversity


Today is Harmony Day, by definition today is about “celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It is a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common. The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians.”

I LOVE that this day exists, the message is beautiful and hopefully it helps to open the eyes and hearts of others to the diversity of their peers, colleagues, acquaintances and passers by. It is an opportunity to talk to our children about (more…)

What Did I Do Without It Wednesday?


You know when you come across something awesome, something kind of life changing and you just can’t wait to tell everyone (and anyone) about it? Well I’m dedicating my Wednesday posts to these such things.

These posts aren’t sponsored (unless anyone is volunteering to pay me, no takers?) they’re literally just products, places or things I’ve come across and couldn’t resist sharing.

First up we have *insert drum roll* Bondi Sands Liquid Gold.
If you use self tan then I’m sure you’ve heard of Bondi Sands, I’ve used their regular tanning foam for a while but being a mum this whole fake (more…)


Getting Back To It



I’m only a few months off my blogs first anniversary and I’ve realized it hasn’t unfolded the way I had hoped or planned. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my blog and I’ve had so much fun working on yummy and healthy recipes but I’ve neglected the ‘real’ side of the blog that I initially intended to share. I think partly because I found the recipes so easy, I was doing it all anyway for the family (ok the desserts are for me) so why not share it? Plus who doesn’t like some healthy sweet treat recipes in their life? (more…)


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